Payment Info

We accept the following payment methods Hong Kong.


1. Credit Card

We accept Paypal, Stripe / Visa and Master credit card payment. 



2. PayMe

Please scan the QR Code and send the Screenshot with invoice number by WhatsApp +852 6330 9535



3. Bank transfer 

You can transfer money to the following bank account.

HSBC: 124-519083-838 (Wai Sum International Co Ltd)
Standard Chartered: 972-1-991214-6 (Lam Sxx Mxxx)
Bank of China: 012-808-1-025490-0 (Lam Sxx Mxxx)

•Please send the payment slip with invoice number by Whatsapp +852 6330 9535.

•If you accidentally overpay, extra money will be sent by post.



4. Cash payment

Only available for store pick up and delivery in person


5. WeChat Pay

•Please Scan our QR Code or add WeChat contact "naughtytoys", then transfer the money to us with the invoice number.